Friday, 26 February 2016

Butterfly Bereavement

Sympathy cards can be difficult to make. Often times there is a lot of emotion attached, as well as a sense that the card must reflect with dignity the loss that has been felt. There is a balance between offering comfort and hope, but also respecting the place of grief for the recipient.

Generally I like to keep sympathy cards simple. I like them to be light, without being gaudy. I like them to convey meaning, but with the upmost respect.

This sympathy card is primarily white, with just a touch of monocromatic colour. The embossing adds texture without being overwhelming, and the butterfly diecuts are subtle, but offer little hints of colour, representing the future, slowly peeking out from behind the sadness. There is an overall feeling of peace and calm, and hopefully the message within the card will harmonize with that.

Generally I finish a blog post with a link to my store, or a reminder about sales. But today, I just want to finish by saying sometimes the hardest cards to make (or write) are those which are the most cherished.

Have a good weekend, Em

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