Wednesday, 11 February 2015

from the first moment

The other day I set myself a challenge to make a few 'love' related layouts, but rather than focus on me and my hubby, focus on some of the other people (and pets) in our lives who we love.

I still remember VIVIDLY the day I found out I was going to be an aunty and how in an instant, I loved this little person I had never met! Not having my own children, I hadn't experienced that feeling until I found out my sister was pregnant. Each and every one of my nieces and nephews takes a special place in my heart from the moment I find out they exist, and I wanted to document that feeling.

 I love this goofy photo, its about 18 months old now. Its makes me laugh just looking at it, and has a real air of fun to it, so I took that feeling as a springboard for my layout. Because the story is quite personal, I wanted the design to balance that with a more light hearted feel.

 Look at that face with the little wink! Cheeky monkey!

I cut the bunting directly from the patterned paper and stuck it with a dimensional adhesive to another sheet from the same set of paper. I could have stitched the 'string' or used ribbon, but as I was short of time I just used a journalling pen, and I am really happy with the result.

In the past I used to keep my scrapbooking quite generic, I didn't like to write too much, because I was embarrassed about people reading it or thought it looked messy. But the result was pages that were impersonal, they were pretty, but they didn't mean anything to me. Now I aim to include my true thoughts on each layout, not that they are all deep and meaningful, but if the occasion calls for it, I write how I feel. Some layouts I don't share with anyone except family, but that's fine, because I realized I am not creating for others, I am doing it for myself.

And on that note... I might go and make something... dinner...

Love, Emilie

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