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Exploding Pentagon Box: More Detail

Today I wanted to share a bit more info on the Pentagon Box that I created for this months blog hop. (See original post here) Here are the techniques and steps I followed, and lots of closeup photos.

Materials Used:(all from Stampin'Up!):
Whisper White cardstock (1/2 sheet), Tombow glue, tape, Real Red cardstock (4 sheets), gold metallic thread.
Available Jan 5- Love Blossoms paper stack (less than half used) Love Blossoms Embellishment Kit (less than half used) 
Tools used:
Printer, computer paper, lead pencil, scissors, metal ruler, scorer, paper trimmer

To fashion the box Dan created a template which he then photocopied using the percent increase button. He ended up with 3% increases between each layer. We trialed the box with white cardstock first to ensure no tweaks were needed. In coming weeks, when I am well enough, I will post a pdf under the Tutorials tab. The flower, as mentioned, was created following an internet tutorial. I used this one

The ribbon (from the embellishment kit) is simply knotted and inserted before the last petals are glued together. Pearl string (also from the kit) adds decoration. You will need to use the fine end of the Tombow Mono glue for these smaller details. I also used the Tombow on the free cut leaves.

Keep in mind that the underside of the flower is not flat and needs to be set into the box. (Also the lid flaps seen in pic below,  are stuck with Tombow)

The ribbon around the box (from the embellishment kit) is attached using tape (SNAIL, Tear and Tape, or Fast Fuse all work well) The join is covered by two mini bows, removed from the paperclips they were originally on, and one glitter dot (again from the embellishment Kit)

You can adhere the papers to the cardstock using tape, or the thick end of the Tombow. Either way ensure all papers and decorations are well stuck down ready for the ensuing explosion when the lid is removed!

Personally I decorated the top and underside of each layer prior to constructing the box. I found it much easier to work on a horizontal surface, and it meant glue could dry without sticking layers together. The paper stack made coordination easy. I stuck smaller white cardstock boxes on some surfaces to allow for messages to the mum to be.

Each of the message boxes was decorated with either a bib made from patterned paper, or a nappy made from standard printer paper (for ease of folding) decorated with half sequin nappy pins.

The little clothes line came about whilst I was thinking about how to decorate the inner layer. I made up a few templates for baby clothes, and created the items based on those. (I will include them in the pdf.) It was a very fiddly process, but fun.

The gold elements are from a cut up gold doily in the embellishment kit. Here are some closeups of the clothes.

Attaching the clothes line (3 layers of metallic thread wound together) was actually the hardest part of the whole project. (In addition to explaining here I will also attach a diagram in the pdf)

The thread is attached with Tombow, and has a 4cm slack between each flap of card. After attaching a run of thread across the top of the first flap, I then had to measure 4cm, and then attach to the next flap. The excess thread needed to be pulled into a small horizontal loop and the 2 flaps held up at 90 degree angles with paper clips until the glue was completely dry. If not held at 90 degrees the thread will pull at the corners and droop. I assume the slight wire like quality of the metallic thread also helps in keeping the loops away from the drying thread. Each section must be done after the one preceeding is totally dry. I found it useful to use the lid from our practice box during this venture.

When "hanging" the washing between flaps, it needs to be small enough to tuck inside when the box shuts, eg. Nappies, socks or bibs. The item also needs to be light so it doesn't pull the thread down. To "hang" the item I cut the bibs and socks doubled on a fold, so they literally hang over the line and are then glued in place. 2 nappies are glued back to back. All hanging items must be pushed towards the centre of the box (tucked in) before folding it to put the lid on.

Whilst decorating this box was incredibly time consuming (I would estimate 8 hours) it was all done in bed, and kept my mind off impending surgery. I hope the mumma that gets it enjoys it as much as I enjoyed making it.

Love Em

Ps.If you do choose to copy my exploding box clothesline idea, or use the templates, please link my blog where appropriate eg. when selling, posting online, or teaching a class. No need to link personal gifts etc.

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