Friday, 8 May 2015

5 things

I must admit, I love reading blogs. Craft blogs, food blogs, home blogs, blogs about cats...

And whilst I primarily read blogs because of the topic that is blogged about, I do like to occasionally find out a little bit more about the person behind the blog.

So today I thought I would do something completely different and share 5 random things about me. I have a terrible memory, so possibly I have mentioned some of these things before :)

WEBER- Dan and I have a Russian Blue cat named Weber. She was named by my husband after the barbeque brand, because we spent the money we had put aside for a bbq on getting her desexed. She is absolutely adorable, and travels around the country with us. Unlike most cats that hate car travel, Weber will travel with us up to 12 hrs a day in the car. We take her out on a leash for toilet stops. She has also flown about 10 different times to 5 different Australian cities.

VINTAGE- I love vintage clothing, particularly dresses from the 1950s! I have a few favorite pieces that I have collected over the years, although I don't get to wear them much living in the outback. I also love the brand Emily and Fin who do modern clothes in vintage style. But most days you will find me in denim cut offs and a tshirt.

DRIVING- I absolutely hate driving (I am happy to travel as a passenger, I just hate driving) I didn't get my license until I was 23 years old, and basically only got it because we were leaving the city and I would no longer have access to public transport. That said, I drive our huge 4wd most days now, and I am pretty used to driving long distances, but I still don't like driving in the city.

COOKING- For years I didn't like cooking, I think partly because of having such a restricted diet (I have multiple allergies, ceoliac and was vegetarian for a long time) and partly because I was lazy. But the last few years I have come to love trying out new recipes and food combinations, and I am currently on a quest to find the best gluten and soy free flaky pastry recipe that I can.

PYREX/CATHRINEHOLM- I have a thing for Pyrex... the original vintage pyrex. Because I live in a caravan I cannot store much of a collection, so basically I use everything I have. This includes a set of yellow mixing bowls, a few ramekins in pastel colours, a yellow pie dish, and a larger rectangle dish with yellow flowers. But there are 2 Pyrex designs I would absolutely love- a pink 'fridgie' with snowflakes, and pale blue bowl with hot air balloons. I would also LOVE to get any of the original Cathrineholm 'Lotus' design homewares (very similar to Orla Keily's Stem design) I think Dan is glad we dont live anywhere near an op shop!!

Well... now its your turn to share 5 random things about you!

Lotsa love, Em

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