Wednesday, 28 January 2015

my mr

You might remember a few days ago I blogged the 'Many Thanks' card made the Eastern Elegance papers.Well, whilst I had the materials out, I thought I would scrap this picture of my husband Dan.

It is one of my favourite photos, this copy was edited in Photoshop to make it appear like a polaroid.

The photo was taken at the end of a 3 day hike we did in Wilsons Prom, Victoria. The hike itself was a bit of a disaster, I was unwell and should have postponed it, but determined to go, I insisted I would be fine. The first day was ok, but the second day we over estimated what we would achieve. We did an early morning walk, so then started out from our camp late, then a freak storm came through and we got soaking wet, and then I collapsed. It took us many many hours to reach our camp, we had to stow my pack in the bush, and at times I was basically crawling. Then once Dan had finally settled me into the tent and got me some food, he had to go back and get my pack from several kilometres up the trail. It was a LOOOONG day.

But the next day was beautiful, we had a beautiful white sand beach to ourselves and spent the day swimming and relaxing. (and laughing at the day before) The final days hiking was finished with a much needed coffee at the cafe, where this little bird came and sat on Dan's shoulder.

 I used the Mr stamp for a set for weddings, but placed it inside a frame from the Label Love set (I just cut out the sentiment). I love trying to think outside the square when using my stamps, this layout clearly isn't about weddings, but because I have tied in the colour and the subject, I feel it sits well.

And ofcourse... there are some stitched details...

Sometimes we get into a rut of scrapping what we "have to", holidays, occasions, school pictures. When I feel my creativity waning, I love to grab a favourite photo and just make whatever comes to mind, even if I have scrapped that same photo before (in this case I have several times)

There shouldn't be any rules when it comes to creativity, so make sure you aren't subconsciously making them for yourself. Sometimes its good to do something just for fun!

Love, Emilie

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